Forensic Linguistics Intelligence

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Words in Common

This software analyses the number of words in common and the number of instances of each word in common between two texts.

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The Function Words we will remove

a about above actually after again against albeit all almost already also although altogether always am among amongst an and another any anybody anyhow anymore anyone anything anywhere are aren't as at away backward backwards be because been before behind being below beneath between both but by can cannot can't clearly could couldn't daren't did didn't do does doesn't don't down during each either else even ever every everybody everyone everything everywhere extremely for forward forwards from hadn't hasn't hadn't had has have haven't he he'd he'll hence her here hers herself he's herein him himself his hitherto how however howsoever I I'd if I'll I'm Ime in indeed insofar into is isn't it it'd it'll its it's itself I've just lest let many may maybe mayn't me might mightn't mine more moreover most much must mustn't my myself near need needn't needs neither never nevertheless no nobody none nonetheless noone nor not nothing notwithstanding now nowhere occasionally of off often oh on once oneself only onto or other ought oughtn't our ours ourself ourselves out over own perhaps quite rather really seem seemed seeming seems shall shan't she she'd she'll she's she's should shouldn't since so some somebody somehow someone something sometimes somewhat somewhere still such superbly surely than that that'd that'll that's the their theirs them themselves then thence there thereby there'd therein therefore there'll there's these they they'd they'll they're they've this those though through throughout thus till to together too totally toward towards under underneath unless until up upon upward upwardly upwards us usually very was wasn't we we'd well we'll were we're weren't we've what what'd whatever what'll what's when whence whenever where whereunto wherever wherein whereof whether which while whilst who who'd whoever who'll whom whose why will with without won't would wouldn't yet you you'd you'll your you're yours yourself yourselves you've