Forensic Linguistics Intelligence

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About the FLI

In Forensic Linguistics we analyse the language of crime, including identifying authorship, interpreting meaning and assessing threat. The FLI works on documents such as suicide notes, ransom demands, threat texts, phone texts from missing persons, terrorist threats, fraudulent insurance claims, malicious and hate mail, threatening phone calls and hoax phone calls, and police interviews (recorded or written).

The late Dr John Olsson founded the FLI in 1994 and has assisted investigators and lawyers, as well as corporate and private clients across the world in over 400 cases including: homicide, kidnap, acts of terrorism, insurance fraud, assault, victim abuse, narcotics distribution and people trafficking. In addition, as a law graduate (LLB Hons, First Class, Bangor 2012) he was uniquely placed among trial experienced linguists to appreciate the legal merits of linguistic evidence.

Postgraduate degrees in Linguistics

MA (Bangor, 1995);
M.Phil (Birmingham, UK);
PhD (Glamorgan 2009)


International Association of Forensic Linguistics; Royal Statistical Society; British Academy of Forensic Sciences; Forensic Linguistics Society

Academic affiliations

Bangor University, Law and Criminology Lecturer
Faculty of Law, Zagreb University, Visiting Professor

Academic Programmes

School of Law, Bangor University: Forensic Linguistics, Introduction to Legal Ethics, Expert Evidence in Court, Canadian Constitutional Law

Forensic Linguistics Intelligence: Certificate in Forensic Linguistics, Diploma in Forensic Linguistics, Advanced Diploma in Forensic Linguistics

Dr. John Olsson