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Dr John Olsson is a leading expert in the field of forensic linguistics and specialises in the authorship of documents of all types from anonymous hate mail to missing person phone texts. Authorship includes the analysis and attribution of plagiarism.

In the course of his long career working as an expert witness in forensic linguistics Dr Olsson has handled many different types of case, including murder, suspicious death, terrorism, robbery, assault of all forms, fraud and forgery, harassment and stalking, drink driving, theft, burglary, taking vehicles without consent, dangerous and careless driving, and many other offences.

This work has involved studying the authorship of anonymous letters, forged suicide notes, ransom demands, hate mail, the analysis of text messages. In addition, Dr Olsson has also worked on the breaking of codes.

Dr Olsson has appeared in many different courts, from the Court of Appeal to Magistrates' Courts, many Crown Courts, and has also appeared in courts abroad, including in Singapore and Australia.

Dr Olsson is available for consultation on any linguistics matter. Please leave a message on the Contact page (see menu top left of this page).

Criminal cases

All types of offence from murder to terrorism including all types of assault, robbery, burglary, fraud, drugs and alcohol cases, witness collusion, the authorship of suicide notes, and many other other types of case.

Civil cases

Many different types of case from libel to breach of contract, civil fraud, forgery of wills, commercial plagiarism, adult influence in children's writing, employee harassment, interpretation of international statutes, copyright infringement and many others.

Court appearances

Approximately 70 appearances in a variety of courts, including Magistrates' Courts, Crown Court venues, the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), the Court of Appeal and courts outside the United Kingdom, including in Australia and Singapore; oral and written evidence tendered to a variety of tribunals.

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