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W3 v easyGroup

In W3 v easyGroup (owner of the easyJet name), a dispute about the right to use the word 'easy' in a trademark: Dr Olsson identified the core linguistic issue: the fact that 'easy' is one of the most common descriptive adjectives in the language, a fact which is important in disputes about trade marks.

"Dr Olsson gave unchallenged evidence that EASY is the 31st most used descriptive adjective and the 475th most common word in the English language according to the British National Corpus....It is precisely the sort of word which should be free for use by all traders offering such services, and which the Regulation seeks to prevent being registered."

Judgment in W3 v easyGroup [[2018] EWHC 7 (Ch) at Paragraph 167.

Dr. John Olsson
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