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"I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr Olsson and would highly recommend him as an NCA expert witness"

Dr Olsson prepared work for Operation Naseby, a complex double murder investigation I am currently investigating. This investigation required analysis of a large quantity of handwritten documentary evidence to determine authorship. The murders themselves were of two elderly people who were also being defrauded of their live savings, the offenders having recorded their plans in great detail.

From the work provided to me by Dr Olsson it was immediately apparent that he was highly competent at interpreting some complex written documents. He reviewed and assessed a large volume of material and provided a comprehensive report which not only mirrored our contentions (and amateur conclusions) but also provided strong evidence towards a specific hypothesis. This helpfully proved a specific aspect of the investigation.

I found that Dr Olsson worked in a clear, structured manner, and required minimal prior briefing to enable him to assess the material in a sterile, un-tainted way. The work he completed was of a high quality and I was impressed by the manner in which he consciously operated with minimal knowledge of the case, so that his conclusions were reached in a ‘sterile’ way, unpolluted by any case theories.

During this process my communication with Dr Olsson was regular, appropriate and I found him to be polite, friendly and professional. We communicated only over the phone and by email, yet I always felt that we were progressing in a clear direction and there was never any ambiguity over my expectations. Dr Olsson’s written report was sent to me in a timely manner and was of a very high standard, covering all of the relevant points thoroughly but also with an appropriate level of brevity and clarity.

I have nothing but the highest praise for Dr Olsson and would highly recommend him as an NCA expert witness. I personally look forward to working with him again.

Investigating Officer - Operation Naseby

Dr. John Olsson
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